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Bodhy publishes free books helpful for your spiritual awakening.

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Workshop-retreats for the needy ones from around the world.

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Bodhy offers you a powerful awareness meditation for free.

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Free Book

'Soul Biscuits : Tiny Bites For Truthful Living'

If you were waiting for a friendly guide to launch an extraordinary life by wiping off your old thought patterns, Soul Biscuits is the right book for you!


Change Your Mind To Change Your Life!

Living a life of light & peace

Original guidances & practical tips on leading a life of joy }

Read fresh writings of Joshua Newton offered to you free of charge with pure love.


Bodhy Temple Welcomes You!

Bodhy Temple is a serene learning space for seekers. 

Would you like to take a short break from your life for a few peaceful days? Bodhy Temple is here for you. This space is an ideal break-away refreshing time-space for seekers in any religion or faith.

Come and live with us in the woods or on the mountain (Location: Hill stations, Ooty or Kodaikkanal) We study and share treasures of Ramana Maharshi, A Course in Miracles (Channelled), God Calling (Channelled), Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (Channelled), The Infinity Way or any other non-dual scriptures (Location: Fireflies Ashram, Bangalore).

Mentor Joshua will share with you his ‘inspired guidance’ on these vital paths and mystical texts. We are a not-for-profit open platform, hence we keep our expenses and charges minimal & realistic.

Joshua Newton, through whom Bodhy Temple manifested, once never even knew that the 'inner reality' was for real. Seven years after his spiritual awakening, Joshua shares the advaitic love with sincere seekers.

A journalist for twenty years, Joshua criss-crossed India to write and report. He was a columnist and a senior editor with a few national magazines. Joshua had won two international awards. His two screenplays were made into critically acclaimed movies. Yet, he left behind all that along with his earlier atheist-Marxist views. His personal inquiries had led him to Historical Jesus, Buddha and then finally to Advaita (of both Ramana and Jesus).

He'll be your spiritual companion in our quiet space for a few days for you.

Check out our Bodhy Retreat programmes for details. Only five attendees are chosen per workshop-retreat to keep it warm and personal and to ensure you an intimate spiritual experience.

Happy to serve you! Just message us here.

Team Bodhy


Founding Principles Of Bodhy Temple


Soul Biscuits : Tiny Bites For Truthful Living - By Joshua Newton

Special Retreat!

| Be a monk for 3 days!

Bodhy Temple offers a special retreat programme for you. Get away from your hectic bustle of a packed daily life. Come to our woods retreat and live like a monk for three full days. You can wear a monastic costume of your choice. You will be trained by a monk from a monastic order of your choice. Buddhist, Christian, or New Age. Only five applicants will be chosen for each retreat to give you quite an intimate learning and unlearning experience for you. Message us now with your preferred dates. We will get back to you soon. Thanks in love!


Bodhy Blog | Read On Medium

Read short, lucid writings of Joshua Newton here. Regularly updated.


Know More About Us

Is Bodhy Temple a religious institution?

Not at all. We are a non-religious, non-sectarian, secular, open platform that promotes inner enquiries about the nature of reality. Though our terminology may appear religious to you, indicators like God, soul, spirit, Brahman, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi etc denote a non-dual perspective that stays clear of religious paradigms. 

How can Bodhy Temple help me?

Bodhy Temple offers a quiet space for meditation, contemplation, and silent retreats. It also offers you a spiritual companion, who is a learned mumukshu who has also had several revelatory experiences of light. You can come and live here for three days, learn methods of deep meditation, ways of contemplative living, and also attend private classes on chosen scriptures of non-dualism. Altogether, such a stay is known to help a seeker with deep clarity and an inner illumination if he/she is sincere enough. However these are not guru-shishya satsangs. Rather a short fellowship to help you go into deeper peace. 

How do I contact you?

Simply type your message in the form below. If you prefer to ping us, you'll find our social buttons too. Also, on top right do you see the telephone symbol? Just click on it. Don't hesitate. Bodhy will listen to you. 

What are the future plans of Bodhy Temple?

Glad you asked. We do have one wish. To have a space of its own. However, we live with no plans as led by our inner guidance of our hearts. Future is now. Hence we focus only on those seekers who come in and on what service is expected from us today, this very moment. Our vision is to help all with the power of love, truth & peace. 

Will you help me to become a better meditator?

Indeed! That's one of our missions. We are fostering a brotherhood among spiritual organisations world-wide to help seekers / sadhakas / mumukshus to strengthen themselves and get rooted in their quest for an assured result. 

I am a seeker and I'd like to join Bodhy Temple.

You're most welcome. We are forming a community of seekers worldwide to help them grow and expand. Please go to the Contact form below and send us all details you want us to know about yourself in what way you like to serve us. Thank you and our best hearty wishes to you! 


Love Sustains Us!

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  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Bodhy Temple B-3421, Brigade Meadows, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, PIN 560062 INDIA
  • WORKING HOURS } Bodhy Temple is open from 3 pm to 6 pm on all weekdays and from 11 am to 6 pm on Saturdays & Sundays. Thank you very much for connecting with us!

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