Our Mission

Our Mission

We tell stories. Period. 

Which means our telling can take various shapes and forms like romance, drama, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, psychological, histories & more. In short, in our mission to create powerful stories, we are not to be stereotyped.

Because our team is vibrant. We are different tastes of heads & hearts who have come together pulled by our passion in storytelling. Big, medium, small. We tell print, digital & motion stories.

We come with a vast range of experiences in journalism, new media, creative writing, creating plots, movie writing, film production, television consultancy & more.


For web or television channels, we create fiction, nonfiction, visual stories, audio stories, short movies, micro-story videos, web-series & more.

For studios and filmmakers we help them create full-length feature films, promotional films & docu-films. 


If you are corporate company, we can tailor-make for you promotional writings, teasers, trailers, brochures, flyers & more that can make your business and services become more popular. But it will all have that 'Bodhy edge' of the new. 


We also help individuals to create books, webinars, print stories, web stories, storybooks, image stories, mentoring messages & more. 

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