Our Values

Our Values

Of course we like money. 

But that's not our driving force. We accept creative works that are challenging to us artistically and aesthetically. 

We have a competent team of writers who work fast and produce efficient communication packages for you. Be it movies, webseries or books. But our work must reflect a deep shine of the power of life. We are not pen-pushers who sweat for money. We come from another kind of planet. 

Are these stories moving hearts or heads? Can our characters help shape the character of new man and a new earth? Can our stories dig up the unknown understandings that can marvel the target audience? Can these creative products prompt new undertakings that will be radical and rewarding for all?

These are our challenging values. Told you, we are not a shop that sells anything for money. Yes, we take the creative burden away from you. We help shape your target audience too. In the end, we sit out in our balcony and relish our work. More than anything we need bliss from what we are doing.  

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