Ritu - A path-breaking movie

My first screenplay 'Ritu' (English: Seasons) became a 2009 Malayalam film, now widely acclaimed as the 'coming of age' of Malayalam cinema, directed by national award-winning filmmaker Shyamaprasad.

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Ritu is currently widely praised as a movie that appeared before its time in Kerala.

A movie that brought Mollywood back to the glorious days of focussing on the story and its telling rather than being mesmerised by star value. Ritu tells us the story of three childhood friends growing up together and later betraying one another.

In life, a time comes when you face a brutal question: Who Am I? Three friends on a roller-coaster ride of life, crisscross their own emotional trajectories at a crucial point in life. Will the truth they face about themselves help them to reconnect?

Four years after the release of the movie, and an avalanche of new-generation films in Kerala, critics have begun to acclaim Ritu as the pioneer of 'new wave' in Malayalam cinema.

The Telugu version of Ritu, titled New, was released under multiple banners of Bhargava Pictures and Innostorm entertainment in Andhra Pradesh.

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