Yes, we'll help you write your movies without taking credits. Can you believe that?

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  • You call. We sit. Bodhy Team listens to your wish. 
  • If it is a movie screenplay you wish to create, we discuss your story first. 
  • We look at the merits, strengths, weaknesses, and the viability factors of the idea. 
  • Once we agree to proceed on our terms, we shake hands.


  • 1| Once we have our story idea clearly on board, we'll do the first draft in 3 months.
  • 2| In between, we will have some informal sessions in person or on phone.
  • 3| Once the first draft is ready, we sit together to take your views on it. 
  • 4| We'll spend another 2-3 months on the final draft, depending on the complexity of the project. 
  • 5| That's all. You please chill out, while we do the writing.
  • 6| Within 6 months of you shaking hands with us, you'll have a brand new screenplay as yours!

    Oh yea, the movie screenplay will go under your name. And you'll own its complete sales rights. All the money is yours! 

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