We don't just write for ourselves. We will write for you as well.

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  • Duration: 00:60 Hours




  • You call. We sit. I listen to your wish.
  • We look at your need for a book.
  • We examine the purpose for creating it.
  • We make sure who your readers are going to be.
  • Then, we brainstorm your book idea thoroughly and reach a conclusion. 
  • Once we agree to proceed on our terms, we shake hands.



  • 1| As part of gathering your content ideas and opinions you wish to see in your book, I'll send you a few sets questions on email. 
  • 2| With those queries at hand, you may sit with my assistant writers answering them. 
  • 3| The recorded material will be processed at our editorial desk.
  • 4| Based on those raw materials, I'll do a final round of interviewing. In most cases, we have an average of 3 Skype calls. That is all you have to do. 
  • 5| I'll do the writing in three months from there. 
  • 6| In case, you like an audiobook version, my team will handle its production as well.

Oh yes, the book will go under your name. And you'll own its complete copyrights.

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